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Want to take your business to the next level? You are in the right place! We are a team of experts in the world of digital marketing and business training who are ready to help you achieve the success you dream of.

Understand Your Customer

Using the latest technology and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, we will help your business transform into an unstoppable force in the digital world

Smart Marketing Strategies

From smart marketing strategies to eye-catching advertising campaigns, we’ll extract the best potential from your business and maximize it exponentially.

Business Training to Be Successful

Knowledge is power. Therefore, we also provide business training that can help you and your team master the key skills needed to be successful.

Our Team

Meet Our Exclusive Team.

Foto Devi R. Ayu
Devi R. Ayu – Founder Cindaga Comms

Devi R. Ayu

Founder & Director

Denie Kristyono

Co – Founder

What makes us sparkle.

More Than A Digital Agency

With an innovative approach, we combine sophisticated digital marketing strategies with the right solutions to meet modern business challenges.

Community Empowerment

We provide business training that enables our clients and the community that we support to grow sustainably in the ever-evolving digital business world.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our services provide flexibility in customizing your campaigns according to your business needs. You can change your message, target audience, and budget quickly.

Active Interaction and Engagement

Through social media, user-based content, and other interactive strategies, you can build closer relationships with your potential customers


Don’t just listen to us, see what our clients says


Co-Founder Mom Digipreneur Community & Mentor MJC Jatim

Saya sangat berterima kasih telah mengikuti pelatihan digital ini. Pelatihan ini sangat membantu saya dalam memahami dan mengembangkan kemampuan saya. Materi yang disampaikan sangat jelas dan mudah dipahami, serta disertai dengan contoh yang relevan dan aplikatif. Saya merasa lebih percaya diri dan siap untuk menghadapi tantangan di era digital. Terima kasih banyak kepada tim pelatihan yang telah memberikan pengalaman belajar yang luar biasa!

Devina Maharani

ex-Relationsip Officer Gapura Digital Malang

Senang bekerjasama dengan Cindaga Comms!
Trainer Cindaga Comms memiliki skill komunikasi yg baik sehingga audiens dapat menerima & memahami materi yang disampaikan. Trainer Cindaga juga memiliki semangat & komitmen untuk membantu teman teman UMKM/ pelaku usaha untuk berkembang. Tetap semangat untuk Cindaga Comms, semoga dapat bekerjasama kembali! 😊

Dennis Gill


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Dalton Burns


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